How to build Facebook Custom Audiences to increase your market target.

Facebook Custom AudiencesFacebook-custom-audiences.png

Using Facebook Custom Audiences, businesses can connect to users who aren’t already connected to them. In-short, it’s an advertising as well as a targeting tool that will help businesses grow and sustain their audiences.

To use this feature, you’ll need to visit Facebook’s Ad Manager, and downloading Power Editor from there. It works with Google Chrome, so be sure to be on Chrome when you download it.

You can select Custom Audiences from the Ad Manager. Once you do, you’ll see a dialog box where you can create a list of users via email, ID, or phone number. You don’t have to be connected to these users. You could, for example, get the email addresses from your email leads list, or something similar.

custom audiences

Businesses can make use of this feature to get in touch with people they don’t have a connection with. This is especially useful for businesses who have a physical location or an online website where a lot of people come, but they might not have connected via Facebook. In such cases, just like lead lists, businesses could make use of phone numbers or email addresses to get in touch with those customers.

More features

To extend the functionality of this new promotion option, Facebook has teamed up with some marketing companies such as Datalogix, Epsilon, BlueKai, and Acxiom etc, and will allow any business working with these companies to use data they collect and customize their marketing campaigns with Custom Audiences.

Supposedly, businesses that work with other companies not teamed up with Facebook will also be able to use customer data. Facebook also says that it will provide some pre-defined lists of customers for businesses to use. For example, list of customers who want to buy a new Volkswagen, fashion buyers, and so on.

So what do you think of this exciting new feature? Leave your responses in the comments below or give it a thumbs up. CHeers 🙂


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